“Wicked on Broadway truly offers something for everyone. A small child might like to see how the most famous wicked witch isn’t so wicked after all. A teenager might relate to the story of the little green girl who is eventually accepted by her peers, and the bubbly blonde popular girl that helps her become accepted. Young 20 somethings may be interested in the dynamic friendship shared by the two main characters, and the older adults may contemplate the politics of the Oz government deciding what is good and what is wicked. There are many reasons that this show touches us all, and that is why so many return to see it over and over again.”
Alfred Rosenstein – Broadway Show Critic for the Out On The Street Monthly

“Wicked is a brilliant story of two young witches (Glenda the good witch, and Elphaba the wicked witch) who met as reluctant roommates at sorcery school. Over time they become friends, and we find out the “wicked” witch is merely a victim of a politics. “Wicked” provides nostalgia with subtle innuendos from the classic Wizard of Oz tale. This musical has truly offers something for everyone!”
Sandra Collins – Editor for Broadway Reviews Column

“Wicked is a moving story of a misunderstood and generally unaccepted, teenage witch who surprises her peers (and instructors) with how talented she truly is at witchcraft. This is a very relatable story that is captivating and wickedly funny. You’ll be eager to find out where twists and turns in the plot lead. With subtle nuances to the original Wizard of Oz story, this musical is one of the most charming and heartwarming productions on Broadway.”
Dan Thompson – Writer for Regular http://supercheaptickets.org

“There are always two sides to every story. Wicked is the untold tale of how the Wicked Witch was undeservingly deemed evil after outshining the great and powerful wizard. The clever script sheds new light on the classic tale by providing convincing explanations of why the ruby slippers were important to the wicked witch, and how the scarecrow came to be a scarecrow. This thought provoking and heartwarming story is a must see!”
Brandon Worthwright – Critic for Broadway Thoughts Daily

“Wicked delivers a perfect balance between poignancy and humor. The score is very strong with the climax of “Defying Gravity” which tends to leave every audience member with goose bumps. The first act is overall light hearted and fun and the second half is heartwarming and deep. This production seems to have so many levels. Whether you are nine or ninety, you are going to love this show!”
Christina Greenberg – Editor for As Seen On Broadway